Autumn II

We have had a fantastic half term in Blackbirds.  Of course we've been busy learning lots of new skills in maths, english and science but we'd really like to share our photos from all of the fantastic art we've been looking at.  We have made sculptures from pumpkins, foil and stone, created clay tiles and designed our own Goldsworthy style pictures.


Nature in Art Trip

We had the most fantastic day at Nature in Art!!  We made wire sculptures and dipped them in a very special paint, created art from items found in nature and even made Tobyart.  A huge thanks to the super helpers who came along with us.


John Harris Visit

We are very lucky to have a fantastic artist in the village; Mr John Harris.  We went up to the sports pavilion to view his work and  Mr Harris very kindly did a demonstration for us.  It was amazing, maybe one day one of us will be a famous artist!


Autumn I

We are thrilled to welcome the new Blackbirds and their families.  Please check in to see regular updates of our activities as we grow and learn together.


Working in partners and being Super Stars using our own fantastic maths  brains we have already begun to learn about place value, addition and even some word problems.  We have been displaying our Inky values; keen to learn and determined as you can see from the photos below.



Traction Man was off on another mission and we needed to find the best material to keep him dry.  We placed Traction Man in a box and covered him in bubble wrap, then tried some cotton cloth, a bit of paper and lastly some tissue.  We found that bubble wrap would be the best protective material for our Super Hero to use.



Traction  Man has had lots of daring adventures around the world.  The children used an atlas to discover the countries and cities our Super Hero had been to.  Whilst following Traction Man's trail, they discovered the many oceans he had crossed with his trusty companion Scrubbing Brush.


During RE we learnt the Parable of the Builders.  To bring this to life we built two constructions; one on sand and the other on bricks and then we made it rain.  The house on the bricks was definitely the wisest choice.



You may gather that we are in love with Traction Man, Scrubbing Brush and their exciting adventures.  We have been working towards creating our own Traction Man story which, naturally, will contain a villain.  To get some ideas we were given some googly eyes and a few household items.  Just look at our super baddies!



The Big Bad Wolf had a bit of competition this week as we huffed and puffed with straws.  We had pots of primary colour paints, dropped a splodge onto our paper and then blew to mix the colours together to create secondary colours.  Some of us even managed to make a lovely pattern.