We have a dedicated and experienced team consisting of:


Head Teacher: Mrs Thomson

Reception - Wrens: Mrs Berry (Maternity cover) Mrs Casati and Mrs Robinson

Year 1 - Robins: Miss Fowler and Mrs Crawford

Year 2 - Blackbirds: Mr Knight and Mrs Crawford

Year 3 - Woodpeckers: Miss Holliday 

Year 4 - Swans: Mrs McPherson / Mrs Crawford (Thursday) - Senior Teacher in charge when Headteacher is absent


Teaching Assistants:

Reception - Wrens: Mrs Gerber, Mrs Price and Mrs Hunter

Year 1 - Robins: Ms Done

Year 2 - Blackbirds: Mrs Hunter and Mrs Cooke

Year 3 - Woodpeckers: Miss Weir

Year 4 - Swans: Ms Herbert

Lunchtime Supervisors: Mrs Chiverrell, Mrs Bishop, Mrs Bromley and Mrs Hulse-Smith
Secretary: Miss Hiley
Finance Administrator: Mrs Payne
Cleaners and Caretaking: Mrs Hulse-Smith and Mrs Bromley




Teaching Assistants

Secretary and Finance Administrator

Lunchtime Supervisors