Whole School - 2018

In September 2014 a new National Curriculum was introduced in England. We worked hard as a staff to plan what we hope is an exciting curriculum suited to the needs of our pupils and have ensured that the new themes in each year group will include all aspects of the new content we need to cover, along with whole school initiatives to reinforce certain aspects of the new curriculum.

(Please click on the Curriculum Design 2018 to read a full copy of our Curriculum Policy)

We thought carefully about the needs of our children and all stakeholders were involved in sharing what they valued in our school. This has been put together as a jigsaw to show the wider curriculum at IFS. (Please see link below)

Each morning the children will focus mainly on their Maths and English skills. We ensure that the necessary skills are covered and all work is planned to follow National Curriculum guidelines. The school uses a range of reading schemes in order that the children read widely at each level.

We also try to include a number of Challenge activities where the children are required to bring their knowledge and skills from across the curriculum and apply them in a meaningful way.

The topics are immensely varied and hopefully appeal to our young learners, including projects on Journeys, Super Heroes, Homes, Traction Man, Life in the Stone Age, The Butterfly Lion and WWII! Please go to the Curriculum Class pages to see the Year Overviews for each class.

We aim to make links with our community wherever possible and include visits off-site, as well as inviting visitors in to share their experiences with the children.

Every half term parents are sent a Curriculum Newsletter which gives details of the topic to be explored. (See Class information).


The Curriculum Policy Document was reviewed initially in July 2016 and is currently being updated - this will be published in the Summer Term 2019 once final amendments have been made.









This guide gives an overview of National Expectations in Maths, English and Science from Year 1 to 6. There is also an overview of foundation subjects taught that play a key part in providing a broad and balanced curriculum.



This Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (RE) has been created for Worcestershire SACRE and approved by Worcestershire County Council. It provides a syllabus for Religious Education for Worcestershire Schools. All schools are required to teach RE to all pupils on roll (with the exception that parents have the right to withdraw their children from the subject). Religious Education remains part of the basic curriculum for all pupils.